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Official patch notes; Documented changes; Patch 6.2.0 is the second major content patch of Warlords of 7.0.3; 7.1.0. 7.1.5; 7.2.0; Removed content: Alpha.
In the 5.1 notes, we mentioned Zed as As part of this change we'll be wiping all custom audio settings with patch 5.2. Make sure to fiddle.
Patch 3.2 Notes (Preliminary Save up Lore Tomestones for Body/Pants/Weapons in 3/4 weeks. (i230) Clear Midas Savage 1/2 hopefully.
Blizzard patch notes archive. Contents. 1 Patch 3.8.x; Patch 3.2.1: 5 April 2016 41973 Bug Fixes; Patches in Starcraft II; WoL Beta: 0.3.0; 0.4.0.
Official patch notes - 6-7-05 Patch chronology It now regenerates 1/2/3% of the warrior's total health over 6 seconds after being the victim of a critical strike.
Patch 5.23 notes. By Scarizard. Greetings, Summoners. Welcome to patch 5.23, the one after preseason. (1 + (1 turrets x 2.5 levels)) = 3.5 reduced damage.
Official 1.1.3 Patch Notes. Discussion in 'Wii U / 3DS Smash Academy' started by Thinkaman, Hitbox 1 size 3.9 - 4.5; Hitbox 2 size 3.1 - 4.0; Landing.
Patch 2.5 Notes (Full Release) ※Cottages, houses, and mansions can hold 1, 2, and 3 facilities, respectively. Splintered Chest: Miscellany: This chest.
Patch 3.3.5a is a bug fix patch. Bug Fixes WoW can now be launched on machines with Windows XP SP3., Latest patch notes can always be found:.
Simcity Patch Notes - 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 IdeoRex. Subscribe Subscribed How To Install SimCity DRMLESS CRACKED-VULPESZEDRA Update 1.2 - Duration:.
1.2.3 Patch Notes – 5/8/2012. May 8, 2012 Soeren Kamper patch 1.2, Patch notes. I guess we can say that Tuesday is not patch day. It’s seem like it’s.
These are the official patch notes of all versions of Town of Salem. Patch 1.5.9, ↑ [2]Patch 1.5.8 A Devistating Clash, ↑ [3]Patch 1.5.6.
Patch 6.24 notes. The last big patch of 2016! 2 days ago. 1 2 3 4 5. 13 14 15. About League Of Legends; Prepaid Cards; Help Us Improve; Service Status; Tribunal.
Category: Patch Notes New In SMITE: Wings of Victory | 3.23 Patch Notes See what's coming to SMITE in 3.21 Patch Notes. 11/02/2016 vert; Patch Notes.
Official 1.1.5 Patch Notes. Discussion in 'Wii U / 3DS Smash Academy' started by Liberation, Mar 15, 2016. - Jab hits 1 and 2 damage.
5/26/2015 - Spiel-Update 3.2.1 Patch Notes; 5/14/2015 - 3.2c Patch Notes; 5/12/2015 - 3.2b Patch Notes; 4/30/2015 - 3.2a Patch Notes; 4/28/2015 - Spiel-Update.
Patch Notes; Competitive Scene. SMITEpedia; SMITE Pro League Season 2; SMITE Pro League Season 2 Challenger Cup; ESL Smite Xbox One League; Players; Teams.
PTR-Patchnotes für Patch 2.4.1 - Diablo III. Spiele World of Warcraft.
Patch 2.1.0 PTR Patch Notes (Updated August 13) Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for patch 2.1.0. PTR PATCH 2.1.0.
#Patch Notes 1.0.2 New patch notes have been released It seriously looks like they've hit all the major nails with this patch, imo. permalink; embed;.
Patch notes for Marvel Heroes go here!.
The Division Update 1.2: Conflict – Patch Notes. 23/05/2016 06:31 PM. Challenge Mode will be made available the week after update 1.2 launches.
Patch Notes. patchnotes. Star Star Citizen Patch v1.1.5. 21. Roberts Space Industries Corp. Cloud Imperium Games UK Ltd. Roberts Space Industries.
If you've played even a handful of games on patch 5.24, Queue health hits patch notes. Patch 6.22 notes. About League Of Legends; Prepaid Cards; Help Us Improve.
Patch 5.3 notes. By Riot Pwyff. Hello, Nemesis Draft, our next Featured Game Mode, will be released later on during patch 5.3! More information.
3.5 Patch Notes – Combat Balance November 21, 2016 Read More News Shadow Skins coming in 3.5 November 20, 2016 Read More News 3.5 Patch Notes – Shadow Lords.
Fallout 4 patches. 24,096 pages on this wiki. Add New Page Edit VisualEditor; release notes: Patch 1.6: 1.6.3 July 5, 2016 July 18, 2016 July 18, 2016 release notes.
6.2 PTR Patch Notes: Updated May 6th 26 comments. 6.2 PTR Patch Notes Updated April 29th, Timewalking Holiday Testing 37 comments.
Forum: Patch Notes. You can check out all the latest patch notes here! Forum Tools. Post a New Thread… Mark This Forum Read View Parent Forum; Search.
Patch 3.5.5. April 1st, 2016. New Climbs up onto any nearby tree and heal for 3/4/5/6/7% of his Maximum Health every second for 4 seconds. Patch Notes.
5.3 Hotfixes: A list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released Patch 5.3: Escalation. Patch Notes Archive:.
Content Update 2.3.0 Patch Notes. Path of Exile Version 2.3.0 Patch Notes The Prophecy Challenge Leagues.
Patch Notes Update 5.1 “The Tower Guardian Mon, Tue, Thu – Sun 12 – 2 PM Wed 1 – 3 PM 7 Rift of Oblivion The ZRift of Oblivion’ instance has been added.
ArcheAge Version 2.5, Build 8.3 Patch Notes -- March Update Updates to the Costume Synthesis System "Why are we still weaving in the power of. Started.
2.3.4c Patch Notes R 1 2 3 4 5 6. Chris, Aug 28, 2016 2:27:25 PM. Replies: 56. Views: 32564. j0han02. Sep 12, 2016 1:05:31.
Patch Notes: Upcoming changes to your favorite game. Jump to content. Sep 01 2015 9.10, patch notes, patch, release: 0 replies 11,995 views; Pigeon_of_War.
6.1.2 PTR Patch Notes. 6.1.2. March 5th by Rygarius. 233. Patch 6.1.2 adds in the framework needed for the WoW Token feature in the game client and is not active.
Xbox One Patch Notes v1.6.1.0. ZOS_GinaBruno. 5. 23.9K. ZOS_GinaBruno. November 28. 4 staff comments. Discussion. PC/Mac Patch Notes v2.6.9. ZOS_GinaBruno. 2. 62.4K.
11/25/2015 - Server Patch; 11/24/2015 - Patch Notes 4.0.2a ; 11/17/2015 5/26/2015 - Game Update 3.2.1 Patch Notes; 5/14/2015 - 3.2c Patch Notes; 5/12/2015.
IN-DEPTH PATCH NOTES – UPDATE 2.3 – MARCH 30th 2016 (PC) Take note that we will be releasing Patch 2.3 on March 30th for PC and our tentative date is April.
The page you're viewing is not yet available on the new World of Warcraft website. Sorry for the inconvenience! Patch 5.2 The Thunder King; Patch 5.1 Landfall.
Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 PTR Patch Notes. Posted By: Holyknight3000 March 8, 2016. Blizzard released the latest patch notes for the PTR that went up today check.
Similar to patch 3.0, patch 3.1 contains content that can only be accessed by registering FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward to your service account.
Patch 5.2.0 is the first World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch of 2013 that focuses on the return of the Thunder King. It was targeted to be released February.
40 ‐ 79 +2 ‐6 → +3 ‐5 Microsoft Word - splatoon_patch_v2-2-0_notes.docx Author: joetol01 Created Date: 10/19/2015 2:19:23.
PTS Patch Notes v2.4.1 Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. Go. Leave a Reply. ZOS_GinaBruno. admin. OVERVIEW (e.g. 1, 5, 10, and 15 instead.
StarCraft® II. New to StarCraft II? Try free now. Game; Media; Shop; Forums; eSports; Arcade; Log in now to enhance and personalize your experience! Patch.
Patch 3.1 Notes. Patch 3.15 Notes. Promotional Site. Patch 3.0 Notes. Patch 3.01 Notes. Patch 3.05 Notes. Patch 3.07 Notes. Promotional Site. Patch 2.5 Notes. Patch.
TOTAL WAR WIKI. Patch Notes (M2TW) Page; Discussion; View; View source; History; Contents. Updates version number to 1.3 Update 1.5. Released 9 April.

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